The following are images of various artworks I have made.

This was the first sketch I had done in a Introduction to Drawing class at FLCC. An assortment of objects were arranged on a table and we were to draw whatever we wanted of the objects. Due to my inexperience, I chose something simple. However I was unable to show what I may have been capable of because of this.

This piece was done not long after the previous one. The assignment was to draw one of various groupings of objects in the class. This was one of the first times I had attempted to draw with a gradient. Getting the exact size of the objects and drawing the shadow of the lamp seen in the left was fairly difficult for me.

For this assignment we were required to invert the coloring of the work we did prior, meaning we needed to fill in the areas that were illuminated. I had slight issues with getting the edges of the shapes since I was using a different type of pencil, however it was a fun experience.

This was the cumulative project for the class, we were required to sketch a space that would show depth and a 3d view,  as well as shading in shadows and illuminated areas. I had some problems with making the dimensions of the space relative to what it actually is, however I did manage to do so and do fairly well for the experience I have.