Here is a collection of videos that I had either made on my own or had a role in its creation. Many of these were done for the various classes I had taken at FLCC.
Cube and Sphere- This was an assignment done in DIG 120 at FLCC. The goal was to create a stop motion animation that conveyed a story without any spoken lines.

Dead Birds- For this assignment, me and a partner had to create a movie trailer using the Imovie app.

DIG120 EX6- In this exercise, our class was taught how to operate and record footage with a quad-copter and GoPro camera, we then edited the footage together into a montage.

Kinetic Typography: Bad Blood - Bastille: This video was a project for a digital media class at FLCC. The class was tasked to create a kinetic typography video of either a scene from a show, a speech, or a song. I had chosen to use Bad Blood by the band Bastille. Time ended up not being on my side as I ended up rushing parts of the video, not having effects on some of the lyrics.