The following sections will contain some short stories as well as essays I had written in the past.

   The following is a monologue I had written of the One Ring from J.R.R Tolkien's, The Fellowship of the Ring. In the monologue, The Ring reacts to the separating of the Fellowship, Boromir lies dead while Frodo and Sam leave to take the burden of the Ring entirely on them. This was an assignment done for Perspectives at Tolkien class that I took while attending FLCC.

The Ring’s Monologue

            Heh, heh, heh. So, the fool Boromir sought to take me for his own purposes? He believed that if delivered to Gondor, they could use me against /him/. Bwah hah, hah, hah! Use me to defeat Sauron!? Do these stupid, infantile people not remember what happened to the nine that were given my lesser siblings? Nine kings, now mere shadows of themselves, slaves to the will of the Dark Lord. If they had tainted their souls so severely, the fools should know that my corruption is absolute! A shame that he fell to the Uruk-hai, it would have been fun to destroy them from the inside.

            And the dwarves, oh such a violent and silly race. Thinking that I can be destroyed by a mere weapon. If I could be shattered by such a mundane method, I would have been turned asunder ages ago! No, the knell shall only ring for me once I bathe in the flames of Doom. But they have long ways to Mordor, and they shall never pass its gates.

            How could I forget about Frodo either, my new ‘master’. Did you enjoy my little show, my dear hobbit? ‘Tis a mere taste of what is to come, war, glorious war. Cities burning, corpses rotting in piles and blood soaking the earth as if it thirsts for oceans! But I must applaud you, dear Frodo, your will is as strong as Bilbo’s. But even he began to give into my will, becoming more dependent of me. If it wasn’t for that blasted wizard, Gandalf, Bilbo would have been broken, ripe for the Nine to pick him off and reclaim me for Sauron.

            But the wizard is no more, the Balrog saw to that. Who knew that a failure from another age would prove useful in this time? And now you have ran off from the group with your little friend, Sam. There is no one to protect you, what dangers will lie ahead your path? Will you use me to escape more perils? Will you depend on me to ‘protect’ you, dear Frodo? What if there is no real danger? Sooner or later you will feel the need to use my powers whenever. And then I will break you.

            So pray, hobbit, pray that you succeed in destroying me before you bend to my will. Because if you fail, I shall be with Sauron once more. Then your precious Shire will burn to the ground. All who you care about will become food for worms and crows. And when the world sees the smoke climb from the burning Shire, they will know that Sauron has risen again! Then no one can stand against him!

   This piece was done in a Creative Writing class I had taken while attending Wilson Magnet. The class was given a random object from a bag and needed to write a short story taking inspirations from it. The item I was given was a black and white picture of an old house out in a rural area.

The Old White House

                “Wait, are you kicking me out?” I asked my parents. “I just finished college and now you’re kicking me out!?”

                “You’re a grown man now.” Said my step father as he held about the swelling rage that grew within him. “It’s about time for you to get your own home.”

                “How the heck am I supposed to do that!?” I yelled. “I got no money to my name and that junk pile of a car that’s not even worth crap!” Boy did I piss him off this time.  My step dad’s face was burning red now. He rushed at me to beat the crap out of me yelling. “Now listen here you little brat!”

“Stop it both of you!” My mother screamed; my stepfather’s fist stopped just before it smashed  my face. “How about this.” She said trying to calm down. “We’ll help you buy a house and once you get a job you can pay us back. Is that ok?”

“Fine.” I sighed reluctantly agreeing to her terms.

“I expect you to get a job quick.” My step father said still kinda angry. “And don’t think of slacking off on some welfare ‘cuz that money’ll go right to me or there gonna be trouble.”

“Whatever.” I said.

 The next few days flew by as I spent them looking around trying to find houses for sale. I found a couple good houses that were priced reasonably. But my cheap as heck step father turned them all down.

“Who you think we are boy, millionaires?” My step father said irritated. “We don’t got money like that for you to live large.”

“No but you are a cheap moron.” I argued. “All you want to do is get rid of me so you can rob my Mom blind.” Now I didn’t have any real proof about this. But ever since that jerk was married to my Mom I guessed he was up to something like that. Whenever she’s around he acts like a gentleman, but when she isn’t, the sheep’s clothes come off. So I always try to piss him off enough so Mom sees what he truly is.

                “Now listen here you little punk.” He said pinning me to the wall. “I’m sick of your bull crap. Before your mother gets back I’m gonna teach you a lesson.” I’ve never seen him this angry, his eyes glared at me with such animosity. I was afraid what would have happened if the front door didn’t open.

                “Hello?” My Mom called as she closed up the front door. Hearing her, my step father quickly let go of me.

                “We’re in the kitchen!” My step father called trying to calm himself. “This isn’t over.” As my mother walked into the room, his expression lightened to a happy not; the wolf put the sheep clothes on once again.

                “Hello Beautiful.” My step father said with a fake smile as he walked up to my mother and kissed her. I nearly lost it seeing that pig kiss her. But I kept my calm, barely.

                “How’s the house hunt coming?”  My mother asked me.

                “Not good.” I said, somewhat glaring at my step father. “Can’t seem to find the right one.”

                “Oh didn’t I tell you? I found a house for you!” My step father said with fake but convincing enthusiasm.

                “Well isn’t that nice of your step father?” My mother asked me happily.

                “Yeah, real nice.” I said rolling my eyes.

                “How much did it cost?” My mother asked worriedly.

                “Oh it wasn’t expensive at all! It’s even furnished too!” My father replied happily. “And now you don’t need to pay us back.”

                “Ok, what the heck is going on?” I thought. “Why is he being so nice to me?” I thought to myself that the house was probably a crap hole. Well I was right about that. I arrived at my new “house” when the sun was setting. It was located in the middle of nowhere all the way on the edge of town.

                “What a dump.” I said to myself as I opened the trunk of my car. The house seemed like it was abandoned for years. Dirt covered the windows and the white sidings while all of the grass turned brown and dead from being neglected. Since it was late and I already ate I just grabbed a bag that had some of my clothes and I unlocked the front door. Once the door was opened, the stench of rotting food, animal crap assaulted my nostrils. But something else was mixed into this cocktail of noxious fumes.

                “Oh god that’s disgusting!” I said covering my mouth. I tried turning on the lights but nothing happened. “Great.” I said irritated I went back to the car to grab a flashlight from the glove compartment. After grabbing the flashlight I saw a shape in the corner of my eye.

“What the?” I asked myself as I turned on the flashlight and went to investigate. When I got to where the shape was I smelled the stench I was all too familiar with. When I figured out what it was I was too late. I screamed for help but for what? There’s no one here to hear me.

This writing was another assignment from my Creative Writing class where I had to write a poem, in which I chose the style of a Shakespearean Sonnet.

Frozen Times


The icy gale is piercing through me now,

As I do lie upon the frozen ground.

Under the willow’s snowy bow,

Fearing  me to never be found.


I shake as a lowly craven.

Wishing that I had never fell,

As I hear the call of raven,

And the ring of the darkly knell.


Hope to live I can never find.

For I am consumed whole by fear,

Of my broken and sickly mind.

My end is surely close and near.


As I sense the slowing heartbeat of mine,

I go to enter the cold frozen time.